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Massage Software made easy.

Bodywork Buddy is a simple to use, online-based system specifically tailored for independent massage therapists. Built with the vision to be user-friendly and productive, Bodywork Buddy is here to help massage therapists succeed with their massage practice.

Our massage software is designed to help therapists keep records of clients, schedule appointments, track gift certificates, and tally business expenses.

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Massage Software for Massage Therapists

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"Bodywork Buddy is honestly amazing. I was struggling to find time for paperwork, and was even thinking of hiring a secretary---and here was the answer all along! I love everything about it: content, organization, graphics, colors (hey, they matter when you're spending a lot of time with a program). It's probably one of the better database programs generally ---it's extremely 'common sense' and very thoughtfully executed."

Gabi M.

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Manages over 4,500 clients using Bodywork Buddy to schedule, track, and increase revenue.

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