Bodywork Buddy Referral Program

Earn sweet discounts for referring new members to Bodywork Buddy! Here’s the scoop.

Bodywork Buddy members have consistently been the best source for finding fantastic new members for the community. We want to continue encouraging you to make more referrals, and now we’re going to reward you for it.

How it Works

Each time you refer a new member to Bodywork Buddy, you’ll earn 10% off your Bodywork Buddy membership, for life!

Refer 1 new member and get a 10% discount. Refer 5 members and get a 50% discount. Refer 10 members and get free Bodywork Buddy for life!

Note: each referral must reach at least $35 in billings before your discount will be applied. See below for full program details.

You have a referral details section within your Bodywork Buddy account. From there, you’ll find your unique referral link and reporting on your referrals and commissions.

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Participation is simple. Just copy your referral link from your referral reporting page, and share it with people you think would love to simplify their massage business with Bodywork Buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Eligible for the Referral Program?

All regular paying Bodywork Buddy members in good standing can participate, starting now.

Note: we reserve the right to disable a member’s participation in this program. Continued eligibility in the program requires your adherence to this entire referral program policy.

Which types of referrals are valid?

Any monthly, semi-annual, or annual plan members you refer via your special referral link will be valid, however each referral must reach at least $35 in billings before your discount will be applied.

When will referral discounts be applied?

Referral discounts are applied monthly, by the 5th of the month, and will take effect during your next payment cycle.

Does Bodywork Buddy offer a regular affiliate program?

*Coming soon

I referred someone back in ______. Can you give me credit for that referral now?

No. We’re sorry but the referral program is only valid for referrals made starting today. Going forward, all referrals have to be tracked with your link to be valid. No manual tracking or retroactive credit is possible.

What if I’m on an annual membership plan?

You’ll earn 10% off of those as well, and the discount will be applied during your next annual payment cycle. For example, if you refer 2 members between now and when your next annual payment is due, you’ll earn a 20% discount off the annual plan price (normally $299.40, the discounted price in this example would be $239.52).

Can I switch to an annual plan?

Yes! You can switch to an annual plan anytime from your subscription info page. Annual plans already come with a 29% discount. Combine that with some referral discounts, and you can save a bundle on Bodywork Buddy.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do?

Please don’t misrepresent Bodywork Buddy or mislead anyone about signing up. Any false or misleading advertising or suspected fraudulent activity associated with your referral account will result in immediate deactivation. Your referral account may be deactivated at any time at our discretion.

Other questions? Write us directly:

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