Member Testimonials

I want to thank you for adding the extra icons to BWB scheduling. It is helping when all I have is my phone on me! I also want to thank you for the excellent customer service I have received over the year. As you know, I have worked with several different online schedulers. Each has their own pros. I still feel yours is the best.


I just really wanted to let you know how handy this software is! I had a chair event today and was able to create a package right there for someone, email his receipt right there from my phone and send him his intake. $200 I could have missed out on if I would have had to have him come to the office at a later time to take care of all of this. Thanks for the great product!


Your customer service is excellent! I am technically impaired and was scared to make the leap to online booking. The personal service I received from Cindy took away all my fears. Cindy is very knowledgeable, helpful, has infinite patience and is a pleasure to deal with!

Sharon S.

I am ever grateful for the high quality and super fast help I receive from this company!! Top notch all the way!

Virginia L.

I like the quick responses and it seems there is nothing you can't do with bodywork buddy. Thank you so much!


You guys saved my business and money. Great job guys. Well done site. It has everything a small business owner needs to run their practice. It keeps me organized all on one site. Thanks again.

Edrrick N.

I am really enjoying Bodywork Buddy. It will be such a great resource for my massage practice. I am dyslexic and having everything in one place is such a gift. Everything from soap notes to being able to mark massages as trades. I have been bouncing around between booking sights for about a year. One of the biggest things that has not kept my business is that I just can't read them. This is NOT the case with Bodywork Buddy. I feel so grateful to have found this resource.

Tisha R.

I'm very happy with Bodywork Buddy and what your program has helped me achieve. My clients love the ease of scheduling appointments. I just had a client today tell me she was at happy hour and decided she really needed to come in tomorrow so she scheduled while having her, she was so overjoyed that she could do that. You and the Bodywork Buddy team make that possible. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Cindy O.

I just want you to know how much I love your service. It is perfect for my massage business and I love the ease of use. Thanks again!

Tanya K.

I've already generated 5 new people and they LOVE the online scheduling!

Sarah L.

“Thanks for building such a great program. I’m a new MT, and this has been working absolutely perfectly for what I need. I do some in-office and some mobile work and this has just been amazing! I love it!! THANKS!!’'


This is really wonderful! I have searched so long! I was about to pay twice as much for only a fraction of the services you offer! I love your product and service. Changed my life and business!!


LOVE this program!!!

Gretchen B.

I love Bodywork Buddy. It is wonderful software for massage small business owners like myself.

Stephanie T.

Bodywork Buddy is an excellent online booking program and Cindy is very personable, fast and reliable.

Rosi K.

If you are looking for and online service for you massage biz. Body Work Buddy is it. It straight forward and functional. I don't need every bell and whistle. I just love it. It works and their customer service is GREAT.

Jonathan T.

I've used Bodywork Buddy for managing my private massage practice for a few years now. I use it for all the helpful statistics and reporting capabilities: I can know at any time what exactly is the most popular service I offer, what is the least requested appointment time, who is my average client base, and where my sometimes elusive expenses go! I don't even have to think, the system just tells me! This info helps SO MUCH with my marketing and helps me to target what I need to do to improve. I <3 BODYWORK BUDDY, and love growing with it. Cindy and Berin have done a fabulous job creating this program that backs up my practice so well, thank you thank you for all your hard work and time!

Jeni S.

I LOVE this ...this is such a lifesaver clients love it!

Melissa L.

I've been playing around in the software and my family said I was acting like a kid with a new video game! Excellent software and I've only figured a teeny tiny bit LOL!! Keep up the good work, I will be spreading the word via my fb page to all the other MTs I know!

Toni M.

Love the features - has a little learning curve to it but it is easy to use. The people designing it are always improving it. Only had it for a month and can see new features all the time. With it online it is easy to access anywhere and is also affordable. Over all I love it. It puts online scheduling and your massage program as one program, I can easily go from one area to the next, without going into a separate program.

Tad C.

Thank you so much for helping me through the process. I do find your program very easy to use overall & very intuitive to the needs of my massage business.

Jennifer S.

Thank you for making it so convenient and easy for my clients to schedule their appointments. I love how easy it is to manage my clients... the first month I used Bodywork Buddy I called each client (by default) the day before their appointment: however I had set all of my clients up to receive an "automatic" email reminder 48 hours before their appointment and each person said "I know, you already emailed me". The second month, I didn't make any phone calls and I had 0 no-shows! It takes about an hour off of my day from just phone calls alone! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the client birthday lists... So convenient. Also the client reports - you've made it so easy to jump back and forth and to track the important stuff. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Sarah M.

I just thought I'd let you know why I picked your system to use over the many others available, Simply it was the google calendar sync and iCal support that stood out to me as being unique features that I hade been specifically looking for. Organizing my life is all done on my iPhone / macbook / iPad (I sound like an Apple fanboy) and Bodywork Buddy allows me to simply check my one calendar system for all the things I'm doing (massage, kids, friends etc...) and I can share my calendars with my significant others such as my girlfriend who is also my business partner. I did a quick import of some clients yesterday - and was so pleased that it was so simple and accurate. Congratulations on a great system I am looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Andrew B.

As I'm sure you already realize, most alternative health people are not tech inclined. I definately fall head first into that catagory. Hence, I married a pure tech-geek. My lovely husband spent the evening comparing and shopping around for software suitable for me to use in my small practice. After hours of playing, watching video tutorials, and searching the internet, he has told me that he feels your software is a good fit. Half asleep, he had me watch a basic tutorial and even in that state I was able to grasp the building process. I am looking forward to signing on for a full year soon. Thank you again for keeping the "bitty business" people in your sights.

Carolyn V.

I really like the software so far. I'm glad I chose Bodywork Buddy as I was looking at 2 other programs as well. I appreciate the timely manner in which you reply to my requests for help too! Thank you so much for that!

Sarah M.

It is obvious how important you take your clients and I appreciate it. I love your product so far!

Angie B.

After moving my acupuncture practice into a new location that didn't have a front office staff, I was confronted with having to do all of my own scheduling with an already established practice. For me, keeping a paper book and doing all the scheduling myself was daunting. I started looking into online scheduling software, something that would allow clients to do their own scheduling, give me a calendar that is accessible anywhere I have access to the internet, and free me up from having to make reminder phone calls. Fortunately for me I knew Cindy, and after talking about what Bodywork Buddy offered compared to other programs, I decided to give it a try. I tell you, it has been wonderful. I get an email saying someone wants an appointment, press a link and confirm it. They automatically get a confirmation. It's so simple. And I hardly use a fraction of the bells and whistles they've put on the site, there's so much it can do. Any of the questions I've had were met with a speedy personal response. I would definitely recommend Bodywork Buddy to anyone looking for a quality online scheduling program.

Paul J. Kalamazoo Acupuncture

I examined 30+ programs before going with Bodywork Buddy. The most important features for me were the ability to optimize appointments and the charting component (plus affordability). Very few programs offer a charting component, and the ones that do are either very expensive or generally sparse on features. Being able to take SOAP notes without having to import or export to a separate client management system is something that these other programs should consider implementing if they truly want to compete with Bodywork Buddy as a viable solution for massage therapists.

Jaci Y.

I like that I'm able to use Bodywork Buddy from anywhere I have Internet access. I had been debating about purchasing the new ipad so i wouldn't have to lug my laptop from home to office each time. After trying it out in the store I was pleased to see how well the program worked on the iPad that I made the purchase right then.

Lisa D.

I'm on the road to becoming more organized with expenses and income recording. I LOVE that I can access Bodywork Buddy from home, work or on the go. And the staff is quick to respond to questions, concerns and suggestions.

Justine R.

You can tell this software was developed by a practicing massage therapist who understands what the average practitioner needs for their private practice.

Angie P.R.

Bodywork Buddy is honestly amazing. I was struggling to find time for paperwork, and was even thinking of hiring a secretary---and here was the answer all along! I love everything about it: content, organization, graphics, colors (hey, they matter when you're spending a lot of time with a program). It's probably one of the better database programs generally ---it's extremely 'common sense' and very thoughtfully executed.

Gabi M.

I like the fact that Bodywork Buddy has income and expenses... It's simple to use and you get back to us with answers to our questions. Customer service is excellent!

Denise D.

Bodywork Buddy is user-friendly and a great program for a sole therapist. I like how you can keep client records from contact info, health info, payment type and SOAP notes all in one program. Bodywork Buddy has helped my business stay organized. I don't have to have a ton of spreadsheets anymore.

Crystal N.

I'm loving the new online booking. I used another online scheduling program for years, but I like this program better because it generates a request for an appointment that you can accept or deny instead of someone just scheduling themselves online without your approval. The Bodywork Buddy scheduler offers greater precautionary measures for an individual therapist.

Laura B.

The online scheduling has proven to be very convenient to both myself and my clients - it has cut down on the dreaded "phone tag" and even the lag between email exchanges (where when they get back to me whatever time I offered is usually no longer available)

Ginger G.

Our whole staff loves BWB because of how convenient and organized it is! It was so easy to learn to use and transfer over from our previous software that was not geared toward a massage therapy office. The layout, extra areas for specific information are a huge plus. This past summer we lost power for days and it was great being able to log in ANYWHERE, not just at the office, to contact everyone. It saved the day in a stressful situation!

Lisa B. Essential Massage Therapy